Plume is a streamlined, retracting mudguard which compliments the look of your bike. It looks as good when it's protecting your back from muddy street water, as it does when recoiled and not needed.

Sick of the cheap plastic mudguards currently available, we decided to create a mudguard which works well, doesn't detract from your bikes good looks, and would be a challenge break. What's more, we've designed Plume so that it's hard to steal, really hard. Plume sits on your seat post, hidden in plain sight whilst poised and ready for action.
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at George Washington Bridge
Biking out of the city for a solo camping trip tomorrow to clear the mind. Only the bare essentials: machete, whiskey, coffee, fish
Tonight! Be sure to stop by @tokyobikelondon from 7pm for drinks and a chance to play our virtual reality bike arcade game, Puddle Dash. #LDF14
Happy #NationalVideoGameDay everyone! We are finishing up our virtual reality bike-arcade game now and we’re super excited about it. Hope you’ll join us for drinks and games this Friday!

Friday, the 19th from 7 - 9pm
87-89 Tabernacle St.
If you’re in London on Friday the 19th, you’re going to want to be at @tokyobikelondon. We’re cooking up something real special.

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Cataloging #tools of my grandfather this #laborday weekend.
More tools. This is the prettiest jar opener ever made.